A Welcome Edition in Anyone's Language

A Welcome Addition In Anyone's Language
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Mar 03, 2021

No one puts out an alphabet soup of acronyms like the General Services Administration (GSA). But there are times when such acronyms are not only acceptable, but a welcome addition to any suite of business services. (Or should one say, a welcome addition in anyone’s language.) There’s the Multiple Award Schedule, also known as the MAS. There’s a Special Item Number, also known as a SIN. And heaps more. As DC’s fastest growing customer service agency, we can attest to this. Tactis was recently named a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) recipient by the General Services Administration (GSA). An award also known as a ‘best-in-class procurement vehicle’ (not that we’re bragging), or to be more specific, the Automated Contact Center SIN. 

A Best-In-Class Procurement Vehicle, For a Best-In-Class Customer Experience Agency

Tactis already holds several Special Item Numbers (SINs), including digital marketing, IT development, and general and administrative. The latest addition makes up a useful suite of SINs that cover a wide spectrum of crucial customer experience services. It also marks an important achievement for the company in that it dovetails well with the agency’s unique services. In particular, Tactis is working to integrate its offerings to match the many different communications channels used by government and government vendors, including voice, contact centers, digital, social media, and mobile. Ultimately, our goal is to bring the best in end-to-end services that we offer to our commercial clients to the government. And to do so ASAP, if you don’t mind the acronym. 

SEM, SEO, UI/UX, Etc. 

To be fair, to receive this demarcation, Tactis had to bring its own fair share of acronyms to the table. To qualify, it had to fulfil a thorough set of requirements, such as being able to provide a voice channel, stand up a contact center, have digital and social media experience, be well-versed in artificial intelligence (AI), capable of AI-driven analytics, have a keen understanding of virtual agents, voice to text and text to voice, and also be able to incorporate technologies that help with business process automation. To this end, Tactis fit the description to a T. Or, in the words of Robin Jenkins, Tactis vice president for Business Development, “Corporately, this is a big win for us, smackdab in our wheelhouse.”  

About Tactis 

Tactis is a full lifecycle customer experience agency working for organizations across all communication points, combining human touch with digital expertise to create outcomes that matter. By delivering high-touch solutions that span marketing, technology, and human interactions – through leveraging data and embracing technology – Tactis generates transformational customer experiences that ensure companies own the high-expectation, high-attention moments from which truly human experiences can emerge.

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