Insights From NICE Interactions .

Sarah Jessica Parker at NICE Interactions 2023.

Find out more about this year’s NICE Interactions conference from Executive Vice President Todd Coen. 

NICE Interactions is a premier conference in the customer experience space, showcasing emerging technologies, innovative contact center solutions, and highlighting current industry trends. A major focus of this year’s Interactions was how the introduction of AI has transformed the customer experience industry. The arrival of generative AI offers businesses an exciting and unprecedented way to interact with customers. 

CX and the City 

I recently attended the incredible NICE Interactions conference in New York City, and I left inspired and energized about how our business can incorporate what we learned to enhance the customer experiences we assist our clients in delivering. The conference provided an invaluable opportunity to explore cutting-edge advancements in customer experience technologies and within NICE’s own cloud-based customer experience platform, CXone. NICE has truly outdone itself and exceeded expectations with its relentless dedication to leveraging AI, leading to major improvements across all aspects of its platform. It is remarkable to witness the profound and transformative impact of AI in real-time as it revolutionizes business strategies. Sarah Jessica Parker also held a fun keynote to close out the conference, where she spoke in depth about her expansive acting career and other business pursuits. And just like that, a wonderful conference came to a close. 

Speakers and Conference Highlights 

Barak Eilam, CEO of NICE, kicked off the conference with a dynamic keynote introducing the audience to the latest generation of Enlighten. By seamlessly integrating CXone’s extensive array of customer experience data with the power of generative AI, Enlighten offers organizations a customized and trustworthy conversational AI experience. Three new Enlighten product extensions were introduced and launched at this conference: Copilot for employees, Autopilot for consumers, and Actions for CX leaders. NICE made history by introducing generative AI capabilities specifically crafted for the customer experience sector. This was a genius way to start things off and excited me to hear from other industry leaders on their newest developments. 

President of NICE’s CX division Barry Cooper’s keynote commenced on the conference's second day. He spoke about how rapid changes in the customer experience prompted NICE to shift its focus to how communication has shifted over the years. The most important shift noted was businesses offering several different channels for customers to connect with them and how most customer interactions and experiences now occur external to contact centers. Cooper also echoed much of the sentiment Eilam had shared about Enlighten, a product that resulted from this change in focus, emphasizing the importance of creating self-service channels that are effective and intelligent and that utilize strong technologies that won’t alienate customers.  

Barriers to Implementing New Technologies 

Throughout the conference, I enjoyed connecting with several companies that recognize the immense value these emerging customer experience technologies and advancements in existing technologies are bringing to this space. Through our conversations, it became clear that many organizations shared similar hindrances and reservations that were preventing them from leveraging new technologies. 

  1. Resistance to Change – One of the most prominent hurdles noted was the resistance to change in adopting new technologies. Implementing new technologies often disrupts established business processes and requires adjustment from employees. Fostering a culture of openness, encouraging dialogue, and offering ample support can alleviate reluctance and drive successful transformation. 
  2. Internal Awareness Gaps – Despite recognizing the importance of new technology, many organizations face challenges in comprehending how to leverage it fully and effectively. Bridging this gap through education and knowledge dissemination can unlock a world of new opportunities for these companies. 
  3. Resource Constraints – Another recurring obstacle were the substantial financial investments, time commitments, and lack of expertise needed to implement these technological advancements. Businesses must prioritize resource allocation and make informed decisions that align with long-term goals.  
  4. Legacy Systems and Infrastructure – Companies heavily invested in older systems may encounter challenges with compatibility, integration complexities, and concerns about operational disruptions. Phased migration and strategic planning can facilitate a smoother transition to modernized technology.  

Above all, it is imperative that businesses create a well-defined strategy when contemplating or implementing any changes in existing technologies. Organizational success thrives on a unified vision and on one that recognizes technology as the catalyst for growth that it is. Having clear objectives, aligning any investments in new technology with business goals, and ensuring constant evaluation is critical to the success of any business.  

NICE CXone Partnership 

At Tactis, our robust partnership with NICE underscores our shared dedication to shaping the future of customer experiences. The recent NICE conference served as a testament to this alliance, providing us with a wealth of invaluable insights and sparking invigorating discussions. Our attendance fortified our strategic approach, equipping us with the latest industry knowledge to propel our collaborative mission forward. Together, we continue to harness the power of the CXone platform, delivering innovative solutions and unprecedented value to our clients.  

About Tactis 

As a full lifecycle customer experience agency working for organizations across all communication points, combining human touch with digital expertise to create outcomes that matter, Tactis delivers high-touch solutions that span marketing, technology, and human interactions. Through leveraging data and embracing technology, Tactis generates transformational customer experiences that ensure that both federal government and commercial entities own the high-expectation, high-attention moments from which truly human experiences can emerge.