Tactis, Formerly Blue Water + MissionSide Unveils New Name and Logo.

An iPhone being held in a hand showing the Tactis homepage

We first announced the merger of Blue Water and MissionSide in May 2019 and formally unveiled our new brand, Tactis, in February 2021. We’re pleased to announce that in June 2021 that both companies are formally merged as a single company under the Tactis brand.

The combined strength promises an extended suite of services for a wide spectrum of clients. The consolidation also represents a complete overhaul and modernization of the agency in keeping with the ever-evolving needs of industry with regard to technological breakthroughs and the challenges of a post-COVID-19 landscape.

For close on two decades, Blue Water helped create outcomes that matter by providing digital solutions for federal, state and commercial clients that align their organizational goals and capabilities with the needs of their users. MissionSide, in turn, worked with Federal agencies to provide a menu of life-cycle communication, marketing, and multi-channel digital strategies and delivery solutions that address the specific needs of the constituents utilizing their programs. 

The coming together of core competencies will result in a truly exceptional company excelling in the areas of digital self-service, intelligent contact centers, artificial intelligence (AI) and omnichannel orchestration – resulting in an end-to-end service that is truly a first of its kind. All to ensure that clients improve their total user experience and drive improved relationships with audiences across multiple points of contact, representing an unparalleled opportunity to realize meaningful change for all of their users. 

“Tactis is the culmination of a 10-year vision to create a company that inspires both our clients and employees to build customer experiences that are far greater than the sum of their parts,” says Adam Slagowski, founder and CEO of Tactis. “Our founding belief is that a truly great customer experience integrates the best technologies with the power of the human touch in order to achieve outcomes that matter.”   

About Tactis 

Tactis is a full lifecycle customer experience agency working for organizations across all points of communication, combining human touch with digital expertise to create outcomes that matter. By delivering high-touch solutions that span marketing, technology and human interactions – through leveraging data and embracing technology – Tactis generates transformational customer experiences that ensure companies own the high-expectation, high-attention moments from which truly human experiences can emerge.