By Todd Coen

Tech Tools: Use Wisely, Not Widely - Lessons from CCW.

A rendering of different types of technology.

When it comes to technology adoption, Shakespeare's Falstaff was prescient: discretion is certainly the better part of valor. At the recent Customer Contact Week (CCW) in Las Vegas (more insights here), industry leaders and experts came together to discuss the vital role that technology plays in shaping CX. The conference showcased a prevalent theme that echoed through various panel discussions and keynote speeches: using technology wisely rather than widely. Here's what we heard. 

The Pitfall of Unplanned Adoption 

Customer experience-driven organizations now have an astonishing array of technological tools at their fingertips. From AI chatbots to customer analytics platforms, the suite of available technologies is empowering and, at times, overwhelming. However, as discussions at CCW highlighted, more than merely having the latest technology is required. Many companies have fallen into the trap of acquiring cutting-edge tools without a strategic plan for their implementation. The result? Tools that might look impressive on paper, but in practice, need to align with a company's specific needs and strategic objectives. 

This misalignment can lead to frustration and inefficiencies for both agents and customers. For example, a company using multiple disjointed communication platforms can create confusion, causing customer requests to fall through the cracks, or making workflows unnecessarily complex. 

Technology as an Enabler, Not a Panacea 

The solution to this challenge lies in viewing technology as an enabler rather than a catch-all solution. This approach means carefully assessing the organization's needs and tailoring the choice of tools accordingly. At Tactis, we believe that the key is to understand how a particular technology can fit into an overall strategy, rather than deploying it for its own sake. 

The Path Forward 

So, how can organizations navigate this complex technological landscape? Here are some key takeaways: 

  1. Assessment: Understand the organization's unique needs and challenges and identify the gaps technology can fill. 

  1. Strategy: Develop a clear roadmap for technology deployment, focusing on integration with existing systems and alignment with overall business goals. 

  1. Implementation: Choose the tools that fit the strategy, ensuring they enhance, rather than disrupt, existing workflows. 

  1. Monitoring and Optimization: Continuously track the performance of the deployed tools and refine them to ensure they serve the intended purpose. 

At Tactis, our offerings encompass strategy, technology enablement, AI technologies, and more. We strive to create user-centric touchpoints for our clients that resonate with this wise use of technology. 


The insights from CCW serve as a valuable reminder that in the realm of CX, quality trumps quantity. By using technology wisely and not widely, organizations can create a streamlined, efficient, and customer-centric experience that stands out in today's competitive market. 

Feel free to reach out to us at Tactis to discover how we can help you navigate the technological landscape and put these principles into action.