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tactis human centered customer experience platform.

The Tactis Human-Centered Customer Experience (HCCX) platform is built on the belief that customer service should revolve around customers, not technology solutions or department silos. At the core of this platform are US-based expert live agents. Technology solutions such as AI help enhance their ability to solve problems, and data from these interactions help the whole platform continue learning and creating better experiences.

Platform Features
  • Expert Contact Centers
  • The Enhanced Agent
  • Digital Self Service
  • Connected Communications
  • eCSAT Score & Diagnostic



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Fireside Chat with Tactis President Adam Slagowski

How to Balance Digital & Human Touch: Roadmapping the Future of Human-Centered AI Solutions

our clients.

20-plus years’ longstanding engagements with both association and commercial partners – not excluding a host of Fortune 500 companies – puts Tactis in a unique position to make a difference no matter the industry vertical, no matter the charge. Similarly, our long history of Federal government partnerships underscores our understanding of the intricacies of GSA schedules, compliance and accountability when working with the Federal government.

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